Born in Framingham MASS, married to Richard Snow, one daughter Sheila, one granddaughter Natalie,

Valencia Community College, LSU, Virginia Poly Tech –courses in animal welfare and regulation. 25  year career in directing both non- profit humane societies and municipal animal control service agencies.  Legislation efforts: animal control ordinances, state standards of care for companion animals, felony provisions for law enforcement k9 and dog fighting in Louisiana.

Served as facilitator for two citizen advisory groups on the issues of feral cats in communities. 

Barbara is currently working on a bill to give law enforcement k9s in FL. Veterinary benefits when they retire,  She became interested in MWDs in the early 80’s when Vietnam veterans working at the shelter on community service told stories of not being able to bring their dogs home .  They were still grieving their loss and had no closure to what happened to them ten years after the war ended.  Barbara could not provide closure but promised Honor to them by working to make conditions better for these hero dogs.

 Barbara believes combining support of homeland law enforcement safety and security dog issues and the military war dogs gives more support and credibility to both awareness issues and eventually will add the support in giving them veterinary benefits for life for their service.

Giving them benefits after they serve for life that meets their physical and behavioral needs will  give the dogs the final step in status they deserve.  She would like to see MWD displays in military museums, and booths for k9s and MWDs at military and patriotic events.  She is supportive of monuments and military funerals for those that die in the line of duty but also wants veterinary benefits for life for those that live.  Not only should the MWDs be able to come home after the wars;  but the handlers and prospective adopters should not have to pay all the costs to get them home. 

To help supplement the cost, US WAR DOGS can serve as a catalyst partner and make arrangements between the US Govt. and rescue groups and humane organizations and donors who want to help in this effort. 

Her hobbies are making statement jewelry for various charities and in particular, bracelets honoring our K9 heroes.  Her poem “K9 Heroes, A Veteran” speaks from the handlers perspective and American War Dog written by Roger Robicheau speaks from the dogs perspective (both are attached)  (or on the US WAR DOGS dogs website) Barbara makes decorated flyers of these poems and others for veterans events to spread the work of these hero dogs and believes the public will support efforts to honor them when they are aware of their needs. 

Barbara contact info is:

Barbara Snow

PO Box 10

Bronson FL 32621


phone is 352-213-8958